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2023 LqP SWCD Medallion Hunt

Janet Nelson found the medallion underneath an evergreen shrub near the flag pole in front of the Lac qui Parle County Courthouse! 

Clue 4-April 27, 2023

To the north a structure of many names

But not so near the sounds of ballgames

Below the likes of deciduous and evergreen

The 5k run & walk did pass this scene

Clue 3-April 26, 2023

For all things but farm & conservation

A stop whilst planning a far away vacation

There ended the race if you agree

In support of stripes but not a tree

Clue 2 - April 25, 2023

Just south of where two come together

Is where you can find this treasure

Not near a way to move smoothly down

In a round we hope that you won’t frown

Clue 1 - April 24, 2023

Searchers could be called creative

To find one which is made with natives

We want to make this fun for all

But the medallion is easier to find if you are small

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