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2023 Environmental Fair
Lyon County Fairgrounds
Marshall, MN
September 26th & 27th, 2023

About the Environmental

The goal of the Environmental Fair is to let students study natural resources in a setting that will give them the opportunity to see, touch and sometimes taste what they are learning about. It is designed to encompass multiple aspects of environmental education, and be available to a large number of students.

By collaborating and combining the resources of eleven SWCDs, this award-winning event provides a well-rounded, interactive small group learning experience mixed with large group “professional” presentations. This partnership provides quality environmental education to rural schools of southwestern Minnesota.

& Topics

The Environmental Fair provides a unique, interactive learning experience for students to understand the importance of our resources and realize that what people do affects all aspects of the environment.

Students participate in sessions including hands-on activities or demonstrations on a variety of topics including trees, soil, water quality, wetlands, recycling, household hazardous waste, native prairie, watersheds, and creatures that share our environment.

Educators from the Science Museum of Minnesota, Great Plains Zoo, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Counties, Department of Natural Resources and Natural Resources Conservation Service are among the presenters.

History of the Fair

The first Environmental Fair was held in September 1992 at the Lyon County Fairgrounds in Marshall. The one-day event was attended by 1,280 students from a 14-county area. Over the years, the Fair has grown into a two-day event, with attendance as high as 2,700 students.

In 2019 the Fair was held at The Shetek Environmental Learning Center on the shores of Lake Shetek. In 2020-2022 COVID-19 made for some difficult planning and was unfortunately missed. However we are returning to the Lyon County Fairgrounds for 2023! It is sure to be a long-awaited event!

Attendance History

1992 1,280 students
1993 1,440 students
1994 1,720 students
1995 2,000 students
1996 1,900 students
1997 2,700 students
1998 1,260 students
1999 2,500 students
2000 1,930 students


2001 2,310 students
2002 1,200 students
2003 2,100 students
2004 1,600 students
2005 2,250 students
2006 900 students
2007 2,096 students
2008 1,345 students
2009 1,717 students
2010 1,000 students


2011 1,834 students
2012 1,163 students
2013 2,045 students
2014 1,144 students
2015 1,932 students
2016 983 students
2017 1,900 students
2018 1,450 students
2019 1,497 students

It's FREE!

The Environmental Fair is offered to area schools AT NO CHARGE.
Support from the participating soil and water districts, partnering agencies, as well as local businesses and organizations in the eleven county area make this event possible.

The Environmental Fair is hosted by the following Soil & Water Conservation Districts: 

For questions on attending this year's Fair, click HERE to email us or contact your local SWCD using the links above.

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