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The SWCD works to protect and restore water quality in Lac qui Parle County by reducing soil erosion, promoting wise stewardship through education, and providing technical and financial assistance to all landowners of Lac qui Parle County.

Walk-in Access

Administered through the local SWCD, the MN DNR Walk in Access program provides an opportunity for landowners to earn extra income (from $10 to $13 dollars per acre) by allowing their land to be used for public hunting. 

To learn more about the program and find out if you are eligible to participate, contact the SWCD or visit the MN DNR website:


The SWCD administers and partners with other agencies to provide financial assistance to landowners for many different types of projects.  Landowners may receive up to 90% funding depending on the project, location, and funding source.  Examples of projects that can receive assistance include grassed waterways, water and sediment control structures, feedlot fixes, and sealing unused wells.  Low interest loans are also available in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture through the AgBMP Loan Program for manure handling equipment, conservation tillage equipment, septic replacements and much more.

Please stop by our office to learn more about these opportunities.

Tree Program

The SWCD offers planning, design, and planting services for both trees and native grasses.  While a customer does not have to purchase tree stock or seed from the SWCD to take advantage of the planning and design service, the SWCD does make both available for sale and offers planting services. 

The SWCD sells fabric mulch and offer fabric installation as a service also.  Contact the SWCD Resource Specialists at (320) 598-7321 ext 3 to learn more about this program

2020 Tree Order Form

Native Grass Program

Native grasses require a specially designed drill for successful establishment.  The SWCD assists in planning grass plantings and operates a no-till grass drill for your seeding needs. Our planting service includes tractor, driver, and drill.  We can also assist you by providing the seed for your project, if you choose.

Contact the Resource Specialist at (320) 598-7321 ext. 3 to learn more about this program.

2020 Vendor List

Observation Wells

The SWCD contracts with the State of Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to measure the water level in wells located in the county in areas where there are irrigation wells. Click here to access data. 

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)

The State of Minnesota works with counties and SWCDs across the state to stop the spread of AIS.  Lac qui Parle County receives funding through the State's Local Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Aid fund to conduction outreach to slow and stop the spread of AIS.  Looking for our AIS trailer at community events to learn more about the species found in Lac qui Parle County and across the state.

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The Lac qui Parle Soil and Water Conservation District is an Equal Opportunity Service Provider and Employer.