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AIS Prevention in Minnesota

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) are non-native aquatic organisms living outside their historic range that have  potential to cause harm to the local ecosystem. 

About 7% of MN's more than 11,000 lakes are on the infested waters list. Less than 3% of Minnesota's lakes are listed as infested with Zebra Mussels

Lac qui Parle lake was listed as infested with zebra mussels in 2016. While the lake has not been severely impacted by this invasion, we need to take proper precautions to not spread them to nearby waterways.

Nearby infestations: Big Stone County- Curly-leaf pondweed

                                   Yellow Medicine county- Mystery snails

Whenever you are entering or leaving a waterbody be sure to follow the Clean, Drain, Dry ethics.

The easiest way to manage invasive species is to prevent their spread. Once AIS invade a waterbody, it becomes very costly to manage them. Management activities must usually be carried out for consecutive years and require a lot of staff time and funding.

Luckily- we all have the tools we need to help in this effort. Tune in below for the proper methods to decontaminate your boat and equipment.

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