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The mission of the Lac qui Parle Soil and Water Conservation District is to take available technical, financial and educational resources, what ever their source and focus or coordinate them so that they meet the needs of the local landusers to help them protect Lac qui Parle's natural resources.

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Office Building

The Lac qui Parle Soil and Water Conservation District office is in the Farm Service Center located at
 the Junction of US Highway 75 and Minnesota Highway 40 in Madison, Minnesota.

122 8th Avenue South, Suite 1
Madison Minnesota 56256

Phone:  320-598-7321, Extension 3

What's New in the District?


  •  DISTRICT TECHNICIAN POSITION OPEN:  The Lac qui Parle Soil and Water Conservation District is looking for the right person to fill a full-time position as District Technician.  Salary is dependent upon education and experience with full benefits. For Position Announcement click here. For a job description click here.  For an application form click here or contact the Lac qui Parle Soil and Water Conservation District, 122 8th Ave. S, Madison, MN 56256, 320-598-7321 x 3 or 320-598-3226 x3 or email sheri.laechelt@mn.nacdnet.net.  Application deadline is September 26, 2014.
  • NEW! The 2014-2023 Lac qui Parle County Water Management Plan has been completed and approved.  Click here to review the plan.
  • NEW! Funds Available for Drainage Water Management.    Practices include control structures, dense patern tile instead of open intakes, and bioreactors. For details click here or call Jake at 320-598-7321 x 3.
  • Clean Water Fund Grant money used to retrofit wellpits!     The District received a grant in the amount of $53,533 to be used to provide cost share to retrofit well pits in floodplain areas of the county with a pitless unit, fill the well pit with native soil material move the pressure tank above ground or indoors, and allow the homeowner to continue using an otherwise serviceable well while safeguarding the source of their drinking water. While it is important to upgrade all well pits within the County, priority will be given to floodplain residents followed by  those immediately adjacent to the floodplain map line. For more information on the see our Wellpit fact sheet, or contact our office.

  • Annual Reports ~ The 2013 Annual Reports and 2014 Annual Work Plan are available to review.  You will find the reports listed on our Board of Supervisors page.  Please contact the District office if you would like printed copies of any of the reports.

  • Program Updates: 

    • Walk-in Access Program ~ Earn extra income by opening land for public hunting is coming. Click here for more information.

    • Hard Rock Outcrop ~ Funded through a Legislative Citizens Committee on Minnesota Resources Grant, nearly 100 acres of fragile Minnesota Valley Granite Outcrop rock ecosystems in  Lac qui Parle County will be protected with a permanent easement.  Among the oldest rock formations in the world, these unique land forms and rare vegetation make these rock formations worth protecting.

  • The Garcia/Love Claims Process.  Click here for more information.

The Lac qui Parle Soil and Water Conservation District is an Equal Opportunity Service Provider and Employer
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