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Annual Plan of Word 
Grant Reports 


2025 Conservation Contracts Progress Report 2-8-2024.pdf2025 Conservation Delivery Progress Report 2-8-2024.pdf2024 Buffer Progress Report 2-8-2024.pdf2024 Conservation Delivery Progress Report.pdf2024 Conservation Contracts Progress Report 2-8-2024.pdf2023 Local Capactiy Final Report 2-8-2024.pdf2023 WCA Progress Report 2-8-2024.pdf2023 - Soil Health Cost Share Progress Report 2-7-2024.pdf2023 - State Cost-Share Fund Progress Report 2-7-2024.pdf2023 Buffer Progress Report 2-7-2024.pdf2023 - Local Water Management - NRBG Progress Report 2-7-2024.pdf2022 Wetland Cosnervation Act Progress Report 2-7-2024.pdf2022 Buffer Progress Report 2-8-2024.pdf2022 State Cost Share Progress Report 2-7-2024.pdf2022 Local Capacity Progress Report 2-8-2024.pdf


2023 State Cost Share AllDetailsReport_2023-01-27.pdf2023 WCA-NRBG AllDetailsReport_2023-01-30.pdf2023 Conservation Delivery Interim Progress Report.pdf2023 Soil Health CS Interim Progress Report.pdf2023 CREP AllDetailsReport_2023-01-11.pdf2023 Local Water Mgmt NRBG AllDetailsReport_2023-01-30.pdf2023 Local Capacity Interim Progress Report.pdf2023 Buffer AllDetailsReport 2023-01-30.pdf


2022 - Buffer Law All Details report 2023-01-13.pdf2022 WCA-NRBG AllDetailsReport_2023-01-30.pdf2022 State Cost Share All Details Interim Report.pdf2022 NRBG Local Water Plan All Details Report Interim Progress Report.pdf2022 - CREP All Details Report 2023-02-24.pdf2022 SWCD Local Capacity AllDetailsReport_2023-02-21.pdf2022 Conservation Delivery Final Progress Report.pdf


2021 - Buffer Law All details report 2023-01-13.pdf2021 - Local Water Management - NRBG.pdf2021 - CREP Outreach and Implementation.pdf2021 - SWCD Local Capacity Services.pdf2021 - State Cost-Share Fund all Details 2023-01-13.pdf2021 - Conservation Delivery.pdf20201 WCA-NRBG AllDetailsReport 2022-12-30.pdf